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Our Mission Statement

"We believe in speak okay first and perfect later, championing real-world conversations over grammar. 

We believe your voice matters, with all its unique accents and imperfections, and we liberate you from the fear of mistakes to express yourself freely in any language. 

Our credo is: Think less, Speak more."




🗼 Going to Paris for the Olympics? 🥐 Don't be a lost tourist! 🇫🇷

🗣️ Speak like a local in just 5 weeks with our INTENSE French training! 💥

💪 Order croissants 🥐, ask for directions 🗺️, and make new friends! 🤝

🏃‍♂️ Sprint to fluency with our fast-paced classes! 🚀 Limited spots available!

We simplified the grammar for you

French grammar makes even the French say "Oh la la!" 🇫🇷 Forget the textbooks and endless rules. We've cracked the code to simple conversations. Impress your next Tinder match or your mother in law en français – book your Speak Okay session now!

You don't need to write chinese to speak it

Chinese characters got you feeling like you need a fortune cookie to decipher them? 🥠 Forget the endless memorization! Speak Okay has cracked the code to easy Chinese conversations. Impress your friends at your next dim sum outing – book your session now!

Rules are meant to be broken

Tired of Spanish feeling like an impossible quest? We've got your back. Ditch the textbooks and start speaking Spanish with confidence. Your in-laws will be singing your praises after your next visit – book your session today


seriously... it's so logical

Regular and short classes 

Shorter lessons are easier to digest, and frequent practice reinforces learning. 

That's why we offer down to 15-minute classes, perfect for busy schedules. 

It's a game-changer, and our students love it.

100% conversational

Want to learn a new language? Do you really need to write it? 

Maybe you just need to speak... at least to start. 

We'll focus and guide you to conversational basics in any language, 

making it rewarding and enjoyable

100% on line

Nobody wants to deal with traffic and find parking after work. 

Because our classes are short and frequent, well... 

online is just so much easier for everyone. 

Thank you, internet.

only with a human teacher

No one we know learned to speak a language with an app

You can practice with your phone, but it's not going to speak to you much. 

With SPEAK OKAY, you'll have a real human native speaker teaching you to speak the language you want. 


only relevant topics

Do you want to speak like SIRI? 

Do you care about the festival of ceramics or learning the alphabet? 

Ok so you don't want to be academic.

The best way to learn a language is

 to speak about the things that matter to you.

We only will teach you

—real-life topics like slang, relationships, insults if you want

—anything you'd say in your own life in your native language.

Speak and listen

You will dive into conversations and dialogues 

on your very first lesson.  

And because we want our students to speak okay ASAP, 

our teachers will record the conversations you created with them 

after each class, so you can practice on your own.

being real

As you can notice, there's no fake picture of students smiling on our website, 

there's not cute drawing or candy crush like game. 

There's no french with a baguette, no chinese doing kung-fu, no german with a beer glass or spanish with a sombrero... 

We are straight forward. 

We want you to speak okay 

for real, not just a goal that will fade. 



and make YOUR GOAL

A reality

start now