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seriously... it's so logical

Regular and short classes 

Shorter classes are easier to follow and regularity helps memorization

That's why we prefer less quantity but more often

We have classes down to 5 minutes.... it's awesome and our students love it.

100% conversational

You want to learn a new language but do you need to write it?

Maybe  you just need to speak... at least to start right?

So we'll make you 

reach a level of conversational french first

where it's rewarding and enjoyable... 

100% on line

So nobody wants to go in traffic and find parking after work... 

and because our classes are short and often, 


online is just so easier for everyone... 

thank you internet.

only with a human teacher

No one we know learnt to speak a language with an app... 

You can practice with your phone but it's not going to speak to you much...


you'll get a real human native speaker... 

teaching you to speak the language you want... 


only relevant topics

All the learning methods books will teach you a language that... 

only SIRI speaks... or a very boring person... 

And who cares about the festival of ceramic or learning the alphabet?

The best way to learn a language is to speak about 

-the things that matter to you and 

-how the natives speak. 

 That's why you will only talk about things that are relevant to your life, relevant to real life like slang, relationships, insults if you want... anything you say in your own life in your native language.

Speak and listen

You will dive into conversations and dialogues 

on your very first lesson.  

And because we want our students to speak okay ASAP, 

our teachers will record the conversations you created with them 

after each class, so you can practice on your own.

being real

As you can notice, there's no fake picture of students smiling on our website, 

there's not cute drawing or candy crush like game. 

There's no french with a baguette, no chinese doing kung-fu, no german with a beer glass or spanish with a sombrero... 

We are straight forward. 

We want you to speak okay 

for real, not just a goal that will fade. 



and make YOUR GOAL

A reality

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